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Survival Skills for the African Wilderness

Survival Skills for the African Wilderness

I’ve just returned from a great weekend away on a wilderness survival skills course. Now I must say, before the weekend, I was a little dubious as to how useful a course teaching the basics of wilderness survival and bushcraft would be for my Africa trip – no doubt it would be interesting, fun and […]

“Scratch and sniff” Africas HeroRATS

“Scratch and sniff” Africas HeroRATS Posted using ShareThis

Equipment List

Here’s a list of what I am going to take with me. Details where known are provided and I will update the list as I buy things. (Items marked with an ‘x’, I already have.) Bike Stuff x Bike – Thorn Raven Tour. Ordered and ready to collect x Racks – Thorn Expedition Steel Rear […]

Not So Crazy Afterall

When I first had the idea of cycling from the UK to Cape Town, I’d never heard of anyone who had done such a crazy thing. I had met and heard of people cycling through Europe and Asia, North and South America, but never Africa. I don’t therefore know why it came as such as […]

Seeing Beyond Stereotypes

Seeing Beyond Stereotypes

I read a satirical essay today titled ‘How To Write About Africa‘. I stumbled upon the article by Binyavanga Wainaina, which is published by Granta, having typed the word ‘Africa’ into Google. The article begins by saying that the title should always include either ‘Africa’, ‘Darkness’ or ‘Safari’. This is so very true. Now I […]